About Me

Hi! I’m Iris.

I’m a Chinese girl who was born in America, spent her childhood in Canada, her teens in California, and now most of her adult life in East Asia.

I care about issues of race and identity.

I have two wonderful boys with my amazing husband. Two boys who were born in Asia, have American passports, have never lived in the States, and who sometimes call themselves “English”. (Yes, we are confused.)

I care about issues of family, parenting, and overseas living.

I am a lover of Jesus. But mostly a beloved of Jesus.

I care about issues of faith and spiritual transformation.  

I’ve been serving as an overseas worker for over a decade.

I care about issues of justice, missions, local communities, and the global Church.

I started this blog to Find my voice. Tell my truth. Share my story.

And I invite you to do the same.

Because I belong. And you belong.

We all have a place on stage and a song to sing.